Booking a Fly Fishing Guide?

Not all Fishing Guides and Charter Services are Fly Fishing Guides.

Just like the title reads, not all fishing charters or fishing guides  are Fly Fishing Guides. A true Fly Fishing Guide specializes in Fly Fishing.

As a traveling angler, heading to a new destination you’ve never been to, or maybe you’ve been but never went fishing, there are a few things to consider when booking a Fly Fishing Guide. Here are a few questions you may want to consider asking when talking to potential Guides.

Does the Fly Fishing Guide you are considering actually fly fish?

Lots of charter services and fishing guides advertise that they guide fly fishing trips. Yes, they own a boat and  they can get you out on the water for a day of fly fishing, but will they have the knowledge to make your day as productive as possible and help you land that trophy Redfish you came for? If the Guide doesn’t fly fish, it doesn’t mean he can’t put you on fish, but will the Guide know the best angle to set you up on a shot? Most likely, the answer is no. Wind is almost always a factor when fly fishing in saltwater, if your guide is a fly angler he should know how to position the skiff so that hull of the boat isn’t “slapping” in the wind and alerting the fish to your presence or he’ll know to put the wind on your non-casting side so that you can make the best shot possible.

  • How long has the Guide been fly fishing?
    • Fly anglers never stop learning and progressing. As you know, there is a huge learning curve. The more experience your Guide has fly fishing, the better your day will be on the water. Guaranteed.
  • Does the Guide tie his own flies?
    • Most legitimate Fly Fishing Guides will tie their own flies. There are nuances to fisheries. That is not to say that store bought flies won’t work, they probably will. However, a Guides flies will be specifically tied for the various situations you will encounter throughout the day.
  • Does the Guide fish on his days off?
    • This is definitely very important. If I’m not booked, I’m making plans to get on the water with one of my buddies. I’m just as ate up with the fly game as you are and love sticking a few fish!

Let’s face it, booking a charter isn’t cheap. I encouraged you to do your research before booking with a Guide. I can’t stress the importance of “getting to know” your guide some before you book, give the guy a call and see how your personalities jive.

Interested in booking a trip or just have questions… Feel free to contact me.

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