Fishing the Louisiana Marsh

The word is out… By now, you’ve probably heard about fishing the Louisiana Marsh. If not, you’ve been living under a rock. If you want to sight fish big redfish, then you need to be in fishing the Louisiana Marsh during the Fall and Winter months.  Fishing the Louisiana Marsh, whether you are a Fly or Spin angler, should be on your bucket list. The Louisiana Marsh, for me as a Fishing Guide, is pretty close to heaven. Why? Its pretty simple…. Big fish in skinny water that want to eat. Fishing is fishing, it can be unpredictable. It might be; the weather, the tide, the moon phase or some other factor we have zero control over. I was lucky enough to start fishing the Louisiana Marsh before it really got put on the map. All I can say is the Louisiana Marsh is a world class fishery and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

On his first trip to the Louisiana Marsh, Frankie from Orlando, with one of a few really nice Redfish.

DOUBLE HEADER for two guys named Dave from PA!

I remember my first trip to Louisiana in the fall, many years ago. I had never experienced redfish behavior quite like what areas of the marsh offered. That was something I never thought I would say. When I’m not a fly fishing guide in Louisiana, I guide on Mosquito Lagoon (once famed as the Redfish Capital of the World). I figured I’d seen a redfish do just about everything. Boy, was I wrong. Louisiana Marsh redfish are a different breed of redfish.

Have you ever had a big redfish bull doze your fly so hard he creates a wake so strong its pushing the fly away from his nose? Have you ever had 3 redfish, around 30 lbs, competing over your fly? Fly fishing for redfish in the Louisiana Marsh is world class and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Kenny, from Alabama, with a Louisiana Redfish “Pumpkin”. Sight fishing these fish when they are lit up is one of the coolest experiences as an angler.

Deciding to take a fishing trip, whether it be to the Louisiana Marsh or to a remote location, is a big decision with a lot of details. An angler has to figure out how to get to the destination, where to stay, are there places to eat, tackle shops, etc. Flyin’ High Charters tries to take the stress out of planning a trip like of that magnitude. When you fish the Louisiana Marsh with Flyin’ High Charters; all you need to do is pick your dates and figure out how to get to our Camp in bayou. It’s that easy. Once you make it to the camp, you’re there and it’s time to focus on fishing. The camp is clean, your bed has clean linens, the kitchen is stocked with food, the skiff is downstairs ready to fish the next day and you’ve got a Camp Cocktail in your cup.

Young Fly Angler Stone Sacco with an absolute PIG Redfish!

It is important to note, you are required to purchase a non-resident Louisiana fishing license. You can purchase the non-resident 3 day skiff license online by clicking here. If you’d prefer to purchase over the phone you can do so by calling 1-800-765-2602. You’ll be given an authorization number, write that down and bring it with you. The license is valid for 3 consecutive days.

On a day off in the Louisiana Marsh, Capt. Jesse gets to get on the bow of the boat and take a few shots at some big Redfish!

If you’d like more information on fishing the Louisiana Marsh or to book your dates call Capt. Jesse Register of Flyin’ High Charters at 407-448-2017.

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