Capt. Jesse runs 2 skiffs, both custom built by East Cape Skiffs. So whether the targeted species is big oceanside Tarpon or shallow water Redfish, Capt. Jesse has the skiffs to get you there.

2014 East Cape Vantagevantage-solo-300x94

With a total length of 19’2” and a beam of 79” and an 8 inch draft, you will get to and from the flats we are going to fish in comfort and arrive dry all while being able to fish the shallowest flats Mosquito Lagoon has to offer. Captain Jesse’s Vantage is outfitted with a built in cooler for drinks and food for your day on the water, as well as a large dry storage area for you to store any gear you bring along.

2010 East Cape Skiffs Caimencaimen2-300x119

With a total length of 17′-10″ and a beam of 61.5″ and a 4″ draft, not only can you cross some nasty open water comfortably but you can stalk to shallowest of shallow fish. The East Cape Caimen allows the guide to quietly pole the backcountry searching for fish in their natural habitat. Many days we are able to find fish, deep in the islands of the Lagoon that haven’t felt fishing pressure for a long time. This skiff has been the difference maker on many days between getting shots and seeing fish just out of range.

Fishing Gear

While you are invited to bring your own gear, it can be a hassle to lug rods and tackle around. Why not just fish with our gear? Not only will you have access to well maintained top of the line rods and reels, we’ll take the guess work out of “What should I throw?”.

Here is a list of companies whose gear I believe in and use day in and day out:

I personally tie all my own flies, here is why… as a guide, I am very familiar with the fish I target. In most cases you know their behavior, how the fish have been feeding, what they are feeding on, etc. When I sit down at the fly tying bench, those nuances, or behaviors are in my mind.