Summer ’16 Mosquito Lagoon / Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report

Mosquito Lagoon Sea Trout

A really cool image of a “Gator” Sea Trout caught in Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report – Summer 2016

Summer is definitely upon us. The days are hot, the winds are light and we’re dodging unpredictable rain showers and thunderstorms. While the temperatures are hot, so is the fishing. As a Fishing Guide, there are times during a season where it feels like you’re a robot. You get so dialed into your routine it becomes second nature. I can get the skiff loaded in the morning with my eyes closed and at a world record pace. What I find difficult is getting the time to sit down at the computer and write up a fishing report that has useful information in it and is also enjoyable to read. With out further delay, here is my summer fishing report for the East Central Florida area, mainly Mosquito Lagoon.

Redfish on fly

Capt. Justin Price checking out a solid redfish from Mosquito Lagoon.

This summer has provided some of the better sight fishing we’ve had in a long time. The water levels have been and remain low. The low water has been



challenging for some anglers. There have been multiple conversations overheard about the low water conditions and how that is causing some anglers and guides to struggle. I’ve found it to be the exact opposite. With the low water coupled with a loss of grass habitat over the last few years, has made finding redfish fairly easy. As a sight fishing guide, I spend my day on the pushpole. All day. I’m very familiar with the areas of Mosquito Lagoon that will fish well on these particularly low water conditions.

Juvenile Tarpon on fly

A small Tarpon from Mosquito Lagoon. An exciting sign of things to come.

This summer, it has been pretty easy  to find multiple groups of redfish tailing up on a flat. If you are a fly fishing angler, the previous 2 to 3 months of sight fishing redfish on fly in Mosquito Lagoon has been exceptionally good. On top of the redfishing, there have been a lot of large sea trout on the flats, a few groups of black drum and were even getting shots at some smaller tarpon.

Want more info?

If you’d like some more information on fishing Mosquito Lagoon, an updated fishing report or just have a question, let me know.

Snook on fly

Christian with his first Snook…. And on a fly.