Fly Fishing for Tarpon along the Florida Coast

Do you fly fish? Is catching a Tarpon on fly high up on your “bucket list”? Or are you a seasoned “Poon” angler? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you know there is an unwritten bond between all of us. A brotherhood if you will.Backing!

Lindsay with a Baby Tarpon on Fly

Lindsay, with Simms Fishing, with her first Tarpon on fly.

This past summer I spent most of my time on the water chasing that magical, armor clad, silver king. Whether we were targeting juvenile fish in the back country or posted up ocean side for giant migratory fish, fishing and guiding for Tarpon is my absolute favorite. Everything about the pursuit of this fish is captivating to me. Whether I’m getting my skiff ready the night before, tying flies, rigging leaders or picking up clients for a day of fishing…. I’m pumped to see what the day has in store. Whats even better about all of this? It last for a few months.

For me, prime time for Tarpon fishing is mid April through early July, with May and June being my favorite months for the big migratory Tarpon. We are constantly learning more about Tarpon and their migration. More and more money and time are being spent to study this amazing species. As we learn more about their habits, we realize that there is a lot we can do to protect this fish for our children and grandchildren.


Tarpon on Fly Jumping

Ocean-side Tarpon Jumping

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