2016 Winter Louisiana Marsh Recap

Winter is definitely here! Like usual, when the fishing is hot, I’m playing catch up on fishing reports and editing images. Here is a short and sweet Winter Fishing Report from the Louisiana Marsh:

While a lot of the country is getting hit with harsh, blistery, cold air…. We’re still fishing hard and catching some really nice fish. As a saltwater angler, I definitely love my summer time, warm weather fishing but with that said the drop in temperature doesn’t seem to be affecting the fish at all. In fact, it seems to be improving things.

This year was my first winter guiding redfish in the Louisiana marsh. I’ve been fishing the winters out there for several years now, but it was always a vacation not work. This year, I had a lot of interest from clients of mine from Florida to fish Louisiana. So, right after the new year, I packed up the skiff, rods, cold water fly lines, the dog and drove up to Louisiana. If you’re an avid angler and enjoy sight fishing BIG redfish and black drum, then you owe it to yourself to fish the Louisiana marsh at least once in your life. The marsh is massive, it’s rich with life and the fish are big and hungry.

Here’s a few images from this winter. Enjoy!

Fly Fishing for Redfsih in the Louisiana Marsh.

A fine example of a Louisiana Marsh Redfish caught this winter.

Spin to Win!

Spin to Win!

Louisiana Redfish

Fly fishing for redfish in the Louisiana Marsh

Look at what we have here… Nice fish

Fly fishing for redfish in the Louisiana Marsh.

Scott, from CT, with his biggest redfish to date. Way to go dude!

Fly fishing for redfish in the Louisiana Marsh.

Scott with another nice redfish on fly.

Fly fishing for Redfish in the Louisiana Marsh.

Scott with another nice one!

So, now we are back in Florida, fishing around the Space Coast has been good. The fly fishing has been pretty fun right now. The key has been finding shallow clean water and working the flat slowly looking for laid up fish on the sand/grass edges. The water is really clear, so be stealthy.

Get out there and fish! As always, if you are interested in learning more about salt water fly fishing around Central Florida don’t hesitate to reach out.

Capt. Jesse